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TARGETED digital marketing will always provide a higher ROI.

Any market leader in your industry has no doubt exploited digital marketing opportunities that gives them a competitive edge.  Digital marketing is essential in today’s market of web savvy consumers.   If you’re not investing in your web presence you may as well prepare yourself for a life of forever striving and never arriving.

At the heart of your marketing is your website, its really the front reception of your business.  The quality of your website reflects the quality of your business and what you have to offer.  That’s why having a professional targeted website is an investment in your success.

75% of consumers will judge the credibility of your business depending on the quality and presentation of your website.  Moreover Google and other search engines determine how your website will rank according to the responses of consumers.   Quality user friendly websites that engage with customers will be ranked higher.

First impressions count so investing in a quality website that is SEO friendly and engaging should be your priority when it comes to marketing and growing your business.  Keava provides you with essential digital marketing services from web design to full service digital marketing packages.

“Thank you Keava for all your work and assistance in creating our website. It has turned out great, in fact better than we expected. Your creative ideas and willingness to listen to our needs make it a pleasure to work with you.
We have already received great feedback and the website has given us the presence and credibility we were seeking. Thanks again, we look forward to continuing to work with you to manage and maintain our great website, Cheers”

Rick Skelly, Director Fosythe Health

Find out how well your website is doing.

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